Information for visitors

Saturday is the big day of the event. The doors open at Am Rottland 3-8 (just across from the main station in Rüdesheim) at 9:00. Entrance is absolutely free. There are always amazing machines to be found among the 50+ vendors. Sandwiches and refreshments are available at the snackbar.

In the evening, there is a marvelous museum tour and barbeque at Siegfried's Mechanisches Musikkabinett at Oberstrasse 29. This starts around 19:00.

Tips for visitors

Some of the very best items are sold Friday afternoon, but Saturday morning is also a great time to find exciting things so make sure to come early. And if you cannot make a deal (most vendors are very willing to haggle on prices), come back in the afternoon – and hope the item you want is still available. But do not count on this as all of the prices tend to be very reasonable and things sell quickly.

On Sunday morning, this is your opportunity to get really great deals as many of the vendors are about to pack things up. Get there early if you really want to come home with a magnificent device at an amazing price.

We hope to see you and to help your collection grow!